Pastor Martin AddyCornerstone North Church, NewcomerstownHave you ever gotten in such a hurry that while doing whatever you had been doing, you missed a step and had to start all over? Like putting together a child's swing set ... 10,000 pieces and 50 pages of instructions, all in Chinese! Yes, I exaggerate, but its true!You know by looking at the picture, you're not going to assemble it. All the nuts and bolts have a specific place and there won't be any extra parts. Extra parts are forbidden and there will be no room for mistakes! You have to put it together in the exact order that it was meant to be and it has to be perfect, if not, shame on you! So you set down and study the directions and begin the process of laying everything into their little groups. After several hours of this, your knees ache, your back hurts and your vision is blurred. About now you're thinking, "that $100 assembly fee would have been worth it."Seems to me, some people think that's how life is. If everything isn't in it's perfect little spot and all the nuts and bolts aren't laid out to be put in their place, then all is for nothing and I may as well quit and start over. My life isn't perfect. I think most of the time, I've gotten the wrong set of nuts and bolts and someone else must have gotten mine.Before any of this every began, God had everything laid out and His perfect plan was set into motion. Yes, God is perfect but He's not a perfectionist. Here's the good news, He included me and you in this perfect plan, but He doesn't require us to be perfect. If He did then I wouldn't have a chance. All the nuts and bolts fit exactly where they need to. One size fits all. The assembly fee has already been paid in full. Jesus paid the price for each one of us and everything comes pre-assembled. If you're interested in finding out more about the fee that has been paid in full, visit your local house of God this Sunday. Who knows, maybe you'll find that's exactly where you fit.