Journey's End gives thanks for help this yearDear Neighbors, As we move toward this blessed Christmas time, I would like to take this time to give a grateful thank you to this wonderful community for all the support you have given to Journey's End Ministries. We currently are being financially supported by over 20 churches from the areas of Newcomerstown, Bakersville, Fresno, Plainfield, Guernsey, North Salem, Kimbolten, West Lafayette, Port Washington, and Birmingham. There are also numerous individual donors, companies, service organizations and clients who give to us on a regular basis and all of it goes to feed and clothe the needy of this area. I'd also like to thank the food and/or personal care items donated by Caito, Darr Farms, Bakers, Progressive Foam, and the Newcomerstown Schools -- all of this has helped to meet the needs of our neighbors.This year, we will spend nearly $45,000 on food and that will deliver over 700,000 pounds of food to feed over 48,000 people with a weeks worth of groceries. We will hand out nearly 200,000 clothing and miscellaneous items. The meal program between Journey's End meals, Christ's Kitchen and our community Thanksgiving will have fed over 6,000 people. What is most amazing is that it is being done through an army of volunteers who at Journey's End alone will have over 17,000 hours devoted to just serving our neighbors. This is all being done for one purpose: Serve God and give Him glory.Through our affiliation with Salvation Army, we have been able to help over 400 families with gas vouchers, prescriptions and utility assistance, and again are very grateful for all the bell ringers who are standing out in the cold for such a good cause.We, at Journey's End Ministries, just want to wish everyone a joyous and blessed Christmas season and again thank God for his mercy and grace on our small ministry.Merry Christmas.Janet GoreDirectorJourney's End Ministries Newcomerstown