Pastor Martin AddyCornerstone North Church in NewcomerstownThat time of year is upon us once again. All the holidays have passed and our sights are on the new year. Dreams of a better, more successful year. A year of promise and hope. It's a time when people make resolutions to better themselves. A time when one turns to their friends and family to celebrate. To cause memories to be made. To dance with earnest passion because the old is about to disappear and the new is just beginning.Every year, we begin with our first meal. Sauerkraut, sausage, mashed potatoes and homemade bread. Ah ... the memories. Nothing changes. We wake up and think about what we're to do at work. We come and go as if the new year really never meant anything at all. We start with our traditions and we end in our traditions. Funny isn't it? No matter how much we want things to change, we force it to stay the same.I've found that in life, the life of a stranger, the life of one who is just passing through. That the behavior of the one who dreams, one who knows that tomorrow truly is going to better, is because they have something that others don't. They have a hope and a promise they can depend on. They have someone that, when a promise of a better future is given, it really is given. A friend that no matter the outcome, success or failure, will dance with you through it all. A family member that has a strong right hand to hold you in the time of great joy or a time of grief. A Father that will say, son/daughter, I was with you at the beginning and I will be with you in the end. I found that celebrating the new year with man, you only get to celebrate once a year. You only have reason to party for that one day. Believe it or not, I party every day. Celebrate my new life every day. Sure I have ups and downs, a new year doesn't change that. It's who I turn to during these times. Jesus was born and died, not so we could get to heaven, but, so He could bring heaven to us. That relationship He has to offer is that of newness of life. Not just once a year but all year, every day. To learn more about the new life offered, visit your local house of God this Sunday. And, who knows, maybe your life could become a new life too.