This comment was recently brought in the News office. It really is something to ponder.

"I attended a Newcomerstown High School basketball game and I was shocked once again this year to hear the cuss words in the warm-up music. Last year, I thought it was just a slip-up. Apparently not! As I spoke to others who have attended various other school games such as volleyball, I found out this goes on all the time.

"This is a school function and the standards should be higher. You have a right, I know, to listen to what you want in your home. Wonder what would happen if someone asked to pray for the safety of the children before the game?

"Two weeks later, I hear the boys' warm-up music has the 'F' word in it.

"I just wanted to shed some light on this, seems how this wasn't the first time and this is the norm for warm-up music."

So what do you, the readers, think? Do you agree that cuss words should be kept out of warm-up music for high school sports or is it just today's culture change and it has become "acceptable."

I, for one, don't think it's acceptable. There's music that could be used that doesn't have cussing and would still have the same hype as the ones with cuss words. I wouldn't want my two-year-old repeating a cuss word from a song he heard at a high school basketball game. Would you? To me, that just doesn't sound right.