I like to goose hunt. Now, I'm not a great hunter but there is something thrilling about the early morning sounds of a honker. Saturday is usually my day off. A time to sleep in. A time to relax, take it easy. I'm up and getting dressed before the birds. That's sad isn't it?

Anyway, I've learned that geese have great eye sight. So you have to camouflage your camouflage. In my experience, I have fond that if your gonna hunt, you need to dress warm. 16 degrees at 7 a.m., just laying in a blind and freezing, hoping a goose flies over isn't much fun.

When I first started doing this, I used the wrong size shot and I thought you could just walk up and blast away. There's geese everywhere! Well, I was wrong! There is so much more to this thing that I would have ever imagined. There's more to cleaning a shotgun then just running a rag through the barrel. I now know my shotgun pretty well. The inside and the out. I've learned the different sizes of shot too. Personally, I like BBB, but its hard to find in a 10 gauge.

There's something about being out in the early morning though. The crisp air. The excitement of the hunt. Two or three guys laughing and carrying on, all the while building a lasting relationship. A bond that spills over into our everyday life. I've been doing this for a short time but what I've learned through reading, talking to other bird hunters and of course all the mistakes, I've made, which has been quit a bit, has been well worth it. It's something that I truly enjoy.

It's like walking with the Lord. When you start out, there are a lot of mistakes being made. Wrong ideas. The school of hard knocks. But when you start out and begin to learn, through reading the Bible or other teaching aides, you realize that God is a hunter and a supplier too. He gives us the weapons we need to survive. He speaks to our hearts and guides us to make good decisions. He sent His Son Jesus to look for us and to show us the way to eternal life. He's not there to criticize or condemn, only to help. To build a friendship and a bond that will take us into eternity.

Godly living is like hunting. Trial and error. Learning to use the right weapon in different circumstances and enjoying the fruit of the hunt.

If you want to learn more about making great relationships and bonds of a lifetime, go to your local church this Sunday to find out more.

Oh yea, there's nothing wrong with sitting down to a nice goose dinner either.