I would like to commend some good Samaritans in our fine city.

The next day after a snowstorm, around 10 o'clock, there is a person on a lawn tractor equipped with a snow blade that goes by my home on North College Street, and then makes a second swipe on the return trip going south on College Street.

He plowed almost, if not all, the sidewalks of North College Street and asked for nothing.

I do not even know his name, except he looks a little elderly and is always bundled up and ready to take on the elements while performing this duty that he has chosen.

I moved here in 2009, and he has done this wonderful service for the neighborhood, without a thank you. So, I want to say thank you, mystery man. It means a lot to have a good neighbor that can pay it forward. I know I will someday.

The second group of Samaritans in our fair city are the dedicated people that run the street department. They are truly "Johnny on the spot," whether their duties are street cleaning, leaf removal, snow plowing, or everything in between, they simply are the best. Thank you street department for making Newcomerstown a great place in which to live.

Matt McConnell Jr.