In response to the concern over indecent words contained in songs played during pre-game warm-ups at Newcomerstown, I, as a recent Newcomerstown volleyball player, found this to be inaccurate. In all fairness, I cannot speak for the Newcomerstown basketball team and what may have transpired because I am not involved in, or have accurate knowledge to do so.

As members of the volleyball team, it was our responsibility to create a warm-up CD that was appropriate for school and the community. We took time out to listen to the CD to ensure there were no cuss words or offenses of any kind in the music that was played during the pre-games. We then had it approved by the appropriate personnel. If any words escaped our scrutiny, it certainly was not intentional.

Also, regarding prayer, for the volleyball team, we did in fact, take a few moments before every game to gather together to pray for our safety and well-being, to be responsible players, as well as for a good outcome. We were not told or asked to do this; we took it upon ourselves to pray as a team because it was important to us.

I understand the concern for the community regarding inappropriateness and acceptability of today's music at school functions. I, as a volleyball team member, recognized and shared that concern this past year especially. What I would ask is that accurate facts be obtained before presenting them regarding any Newcomerstown sporting activity. I do thank the reader for his/her concern, and my hope is that from here forward appropriate precautions are taken to keep offensive language from all community affairs such as sporting events.

Taylor Crossman