CAROL was a very pretty girl,

With hair of CHESTNUT hue.

She WOOD laugh, dance, and whirl

and flash those eyes of blue.

She always felt at LIBERTY to do

as she pleased.

But sometimes DEWEY did not feel

at ease.

One night when he was late,

she was real CROSS with him.

He was in a terrible STATE

when her OXFORD hit him on the chin.

They were reconciled one day while

sailing on the RIVER, down under

the BRIDGE, he said he had something to

tell her.

RAILROAD tickets were bought for a

honeymoon. The preacher at the little

CHURCH, in the presence of her roommate,

will marry them soon.

So this is the end of a COLLEGE romance.

Author unknown

(Written sometime between the mid-1930s and early 1940s, possibly by a local Newcomerstown resident during World War II. The poem is courtesy of Bill Van Sickle, who found it among his late mother's pictures and post cards.)