There is no doubt in my mind that at one time or another you have received a phone call from the dreaded telemarketer. You've laid down to take a nap, fall into a deep sleep and RING, RING!

Your eyes fly open, your heart starts pounding and you hit the floor running just to have someone say, "Hello, I'm Robin. You've been selected for a ..." click. You hang up the phone, talk to yourself on the way back to your long deserved nap, knowing you will never fall back asleep and continue that wonderful dream you were having.

Some people have their television set to tell you who is calling. The phone rings and across the screen you see, unavailable or 1-800-.... So why answer it? Just ignore the ringing and they will either give up or the machine will take are of it for you. Me? It usually starts ringing when the babies lay down to nap. And yes, as if its set on a timer, the phone rings louder then I've ever heart it ring before. That's when I run to the phone and promptly unplug it. Without fail, it's the 800 number. Most folks say something rude to those poor people. They're just trying to share something that they believe strongly in, trying to convince you, you need what they have. I think most people have been through this but you'll never truly know what they're offering if you don't sit down and listen. Who knows, there may be a grand reward in it for you.

That's the reaction I get from most people when I begin to tell them about something they really need. Who in their right mid wouldn't want to live in a specially-designed mansion to fit their exact needs. Or live in a climate that is absolutely perfect, everyday, day after day. Intriguing isn't it? I would love to sell you on the ideal that your eternal life can be secured. That there is a forever. About now you're probably thinking, "How do I unplug this!"

Don't hang up on me yet. See, Jesus calls everyone of us, yet not everyone answers the call. Some Christians don't even answer the call. Proclaim Christ as Lord but too busy answering the call of the world to answer the call of Christ. I know, you just hung up on me.

If you would like to know more about the call God has for your life, visit your local house of God this Sunday and there you may find the grand reward you've been looking for.