Thank goodness for prayer. When asked to pray, most people's thoughts turn to family and friends. Prayer, simply put, is talking to God. A list of concerns, hopes, dreams and wants.

Christians pray for the security of our nation, guidance for our leaders and direction given to our president so he would hopefully make the best decisions for our country.

They pray for peace in the times of trouble and protection for their sons and daughters in the military. Christians are a strange bunch. Always asking God for things that most folks would say was impossible, but that doesn't deter them. They go on praying for the salvation of their loved ones. That God's hands would be on our police force as the struggle day and night to keep us safe. For our mayor, that he can take our town in the right direction while enticing outside companies to want to come to our village. Christians ask God to heal the sick, to open blinded eyes, help the lame to walk and even to raise the dead, both physically and spiritually.

Christians walk the streets praying for our community and the business's that God would send His prosperity. Some people doubt the effectiveness of prayer and think you may as well talk to the air because they prayed one time and nothing happened. Christians pray that God would send revival. That He would pour out His Spirit locally, nationally and internationally.

Christians pray for silly little things, like helping them find their keys, their shoes or even where they put the TV remote. I've done that a few times myself. Sometimes I pray, "God, help me find my mind because I think I've lost it." Christians pray for the safety of their loved ones as they travel, protection from evil while they sleep and even that they would sleep peacefully and soundly. Christians are a strange bunch. They pray for strangers. They call one another and ask them to pray for people they've never heard of. Ask God for the hardest things they can think of and expect Him to answer.

Sometimes a Christian prays for the same thing for years and years, believing God will answer their prayer. They pray in church. They pray at home. They pray at work. They pray while driving. They pray while relaxing. Christians pray constantly. I'm happy to say that I pray and I believe that my prayers are being heard and answered. Christians are a strange bunch. Always praying for family, friends, old mates and new ones. Praying for the hopeless, the lost, the sane and the insane. Praying for the wealthy, the poor, those who morn and those who rejoice. The prideful and the humble. Praying for the employed and the unemployed. Yes sir, I'm thankful for prayer. I know somewhere someone is praying for me and without a doubt, someone somewhere is praying for you too.

If you would like to learn more about prayer go to your local House of God this Sunday, and who knows, you may find that you're strange enough to fit right in.