Has anyone ever given you something for free? Told you it's a gift, not to worry about it. If you're like me, little red lights go off, your mind hits full alert, your next sinks down into your shoulders and you squint your eyes and look around as if something was wrong and expect the police to come barging in and take you to jail.

I'm not normally a suspicious person and usually when someone gives you something, you probably know them. Over the years, things have been given to me. I can think of two things I still have. They're not heirlooms or something of great value, they're just things. I treasure them because I have a use for them. Most of the time when someone gives you something, it's because they don't have any use for it. It's on it's last leg and worn out. And yes, you more than likely said thank you, shook their hand and put on your best smile so as not to hurt their feelings. Thinking the whole time, great, more junk, just what I need. You might keep it for a while and throw it away when no one is looking. Yes, I'm guilty of it myself. I have learned over the span of time to simply say, "No, thank you, I have no use for something like that" and there's no hard feelings and everybody's happy.

I did receive something for free one time, many years ago and it's just as fresh and new as the day I received it. How do I describe it ... like a suite of armor but not heavy. A long robe that covers everything and still comfortable. A garment that's in style and looks good in dance. It's so strong that no one can break it but as delicate as a flower ... this thing has saved my life, lifted me out of things I can't describe, placed my feet on a solid foundation, has given me hope, joy and peace all at the same time and yet there's comfort, love and truth in it.

This surely is an heirloom and something I hope to pass on, to give away to as many people as would receive it. It's my greatest treasure, yet I plan on taking it with me to the grave and beyond. This free thing is salvation. A gift from God's only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. If you're interested in finding out more about this free gift, visit your local house of God this Sunday. Who knows, it may become your greatest treasure you find worthy of passing on, yet taking it with you ...