To the local businesses and community of Newcomerstown,

On behalf of the Newcomerstown High School baseball team, coaches and parents, I would like to thank you for your generous contributions toward our new scoreboard.

A little over a month ago, we started working toward a lofty goal.

I felt, not only passionate about it, but that it was attainable through hard work. Your commitment to our community and local schools is sincerely appreciated.

Each year, Newcomerstown baseball players continue to make our high school and community proud in their dedication to the sport, to their school and to one another.

Through our efforts, we are able to show these young men how important they are and how proud we are of their leadership.

On a side note, baseball season began this month! It's exciting to know that our players will proudly walk on their field with the assurance that they have an operable scoreboard and a crowd watching that supports their endeavors.

The goal of this fund-raiser was to show our baseball players that their community supports them. In doing so, we have shown each player that anything is possible with the support of community and determination.

We proudly await the arrival of the new baseball scoreboard that will be delivered in the next few days!

Thanks again for your generous support in our efforts to recognize a worthy cause for youth.

Trisha Wharff