I can't stand to be around a liar or a thief! Simply put, a thief will rob you blind and stand face to face with you and deny knowing anything about your loss. A liar will tell you it's raining outside and you'll have to look out the window to see if it's true. A liar will go to extreme measures to convince you that what they're saying is the truth. They'll hose their self down, come in soaking wet and tell you that a storm just passed over. While someone else might walk in right behind them and tell you how hot and humid it is. So without looking out the window, your convinced that a storm did pass by, and it really is hot and humid. To me there's hardly any difference between the two. A thief will steal things and lie about where they got it. A liar on the other hand will deceive you and try to convince you into believing their lie.

To know them or to be associated with either one is a disgrace. Hang around them long enough and people begin to picture your face right along with theirs. Funny thing about a lie, you hear it long enough you begin to believe it. There's a big lie in the beginning of the Bible and I know of a married couple who lost everything they had because of it. They not only lost everything, they eventually lost their lives. Countless untold millions have lost their lives because of this one lie cleverly disguised as truth. Terrible how a lie can destroy anything it touches. Actually, people today are still dying because of this lie.

The serpent, the dragon of old, led this man and woman to their demise. They gave up a garden of paradise to become something that they already were. Everything they knew and loved was gone, lost because a thief was able to take away their innocence. Their sons grew into men and one murdered the other. This couple I'm talking about was Adam and Eve and their two sons, Cain and Able. I believe one of the greatest lies ever devised is that there " Is No Hell."

To find out more about this subject, go to your local House of God this Sunday. And who knows, maybe the Truth will scare hell out of you.