We were anguished to learn recently of the ultimate sacrifice made by two local military sons while proudly serving our country with other soldiers. All Americans understand that sacrifices are made while preserving freedom, and we in the Red Cross share in the sorrow. Working side-by-side with the armed forces, we have been linked to communications and assistance to the military services for over 150 years thanks to Clara Barton who was known as the "Angel of the Battlefield."

As a community of Carroll, Harrison and Tuscarawas counties, we are proud of our military and their families. Although we might not have known the young gentlemen personally, we know that this is a time of heartfelt loss for the families. Yet, each of us recognizes that this supreme sacrifice commands the highest honor and pride. Indeed, by volunteering to be part of the military, the soldiers displayed a reverence for our tradition of freedom, a respect for mankind, and a desire to keep the world safer for all.

On behalf of the entire community, we extend our sincerest condolences, sorrow, and respect for the loss of two dedicated soldiers who have been lost serving our country. As we approach Memorial Day and beyond, please remember to proudly display your U.S. American flag to show your admiration for our country and to pay tribute to our military and their families.

Chad Conrad

Executive Director

American Red Cross

Muskingum Lakes Chapter

New Philadelphia