Boy, I wish it would rain! Couple more days like we've been having and the boat rental is going to make a fortune.

I know by the time summer gets here the river will be down and the current will be at a peaceful flow. I kind of get lost in the thoughts of summer.

Hot days and the smell of a camp fire. A fishing pole, bug spray and a lounge chair. School will be out and the children will be outside playing and their echoes of laughter will fill the air. That's the sound of summer.

As for now though, I guess we will put up with the rain and the killing frost. But with the cool mornings and turkey season in full swing, my blood gets to pumping when I'm waking up early and donning my hunting clothes. The fantasy of taking a prize tom and mounting his tail feathers thrills me.

I like setting out my decoys and start scratching the glass at sunrise, listening for the gobble of a tom turkey. Luring him into my cleverly disguised trap as I mimic the call of a lonely hen as she yelps for her lover boy. Before I go hunting, I like to scout the land a few days in advance.

See where they've been and where they're turning leaves. I like to watch them come out and I take notice of the time. Watch where they go and how long they mill around in the area. Then when I go out, my hunt is successful. That's what the enemy of our soul does. Satan studies his prey, sets out the decoys and bang, he got you. The Bible tells us that the wages of sin is death but the way to eternal life is through Jesus Christ.

To find out more about the decoys of life and the ways to recognize them, visit your local House of God this Sunday. You know, something perceived is something understood. Happy hunting.