Whoop-Te-Do and La-Te-Da! Have you ever been so distracted that no matter what was going on, your mind was consumed with a particular problem and until it was solved, you could really care less? I have.

There's an expression that says, "I'm too tired to care."

There are times when I'm more concerned about one thing then I am others. If a person has lack in their life, they tend to concentrate on that lack more than any other thing. An example would be if someone was hungry every day and had no real means of satisfying that hunger, then the most important thing to them would focus their thoughts and conversation around food and the need to fulfill that desire, whereas the lonely person might push people away because of their constant need to be with someone.

I think, and this is just me and my thoughts, that a person who does extreme dare deviling is lacking something other then common sense. Like a person who would sit and drink their life away, or one who does drugs to fulfill that "lack" or emptiness inside of them. It's a temporary fix until the next high or rush comes by. Personally, I love doing crazy things every now and then, but I don't live to do them.

Jesus said, "I am the Bread of life."

He is the one that fills the emptiness, that void, if you will. The reason a person tends to do harmful and dangerous things is because of that lack they so desire to fill. Jesus said that He would come and sup with us, that He would stick closer to us then a brother and He would never leave us nor forsake us.

If you would like to learn more about this one who fulfills our daily lack then visit your local House of God this Sunday. And who knows, you may find that thrill of a life time and never be too tired to care anymore.