Journeys End Ministries would like to take this time to thank this amazing community for all its support for our ministry. Most recently we benefited from the annual community Thanksgiving with the Newcomerstown Ministerial Association as hosts. Over 500 people were fed and enjoyed an evening of fellowship, good food and a reminder of Gods blessing on our lives. Over $900 was raised for our food pantry with special thanks to all our armed forces service groups. We also have many people, companies, churches, schools and organizations to thank for their support financially throughout the year. Wed especially like to thank the local food donors which have helped us get the food to the people in need: Caito Foods, Bakers Food, Express Packaging, Darr Farms, Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry, Newcomerstown Schools, and Boy Scouts.

In order to provide this service to the community, I want to tell you about the amazing people who have put in over 16,000 volunteer hours this year. From as few as two hours to as many as 800 over 80 men and women have put in their valuable time to make sure this organization serves this community the best way we can. Their service is invaluable but more than that their love and friendship to each other and to our clients has to make the King smile and say well done faithful servants. To each of the following people I say from my heart thank you and much love.

Here is a list of the volunteers: Ivana Allen, Sara Ashcraft, Kevin Atkins, Charles Aubihl, Rev. Wayne Baker, Rev. Tom Barber, Bruce Barrick, Elise Barthalow, Goldie Beitzel, Linda Bolz, Jan Buckler, Carol Cain, Rodger Cain, Leonard Campbell, Mark Campbell, Joann Carpenter, Faye Carrico, George Clemens, Coleen Clough, Alice Conn, Hayden Davis, Sandra Dobson, Priscilla Dorsey, Gloria Ellis, Irma Everson, Hugh Everson, Beverly Fenton, Susan Ganz, Burris Gardner, Shirley Gardner, Judy Glazer, Charles Groff, Suzie Groff, Shirley Hagan, William Hall, Nellie Haney, Joann Hannahs, Pastor Brent Heishman, Helen Heston, Autumn Hill, Ann Holland, Vic Huff, Cliff Jackson, Marlene Jones, Harry Kenney, Joann Kenney, James Lehman, Alyce McNamara, Mary Lou Meek, Judy Mitchell, Susan Mould, Harry Moulton, Arlene Nugen, Corky Ortt, Connie Parks, Kenny Porcher, Jennifer Rankin, Jessie Rider, Linda Rochester, Rick Rose, Malinda Schlabach, Sandy Sears, Donna Selman, Russ Sharrock, Peggy Shook, Judy Smith, Les Snyder, Trilba Snyder, Dolores Stocker, Norma Stover, Grover Taylor, Rozella Temple, Dale Thornton, Robin Thornton, Martha Tilton, Mary Toney, Jim Trzop, Emma Troyer, Roxie Varnes, Esther Versch, Terry Versch, Janis Watson, Mary Welch, Barbara Westhafer, Michelle Williams, Bob Wilson, Angela Wright, Holbert Yazell.


Janet Gore