We wish to take this opportunity to thank all who donated to the Christmas-New year fund for Janesville employees.

Special acknowledge must be noted in behalf of Janesville (Jason) Corporations management staff for providing the addresses to the Dover-Phila Federal Credit Union to help make the distribution much easier. We had many private personal donations from Tuscarawas, Coshocton, and Guernsey counties.

Thanks to various churches, civic organizations, union members, small area businesses, local and surrounding school districts, police, fire departments, and Newcomerstown village employees.

Our friends and neighbors through Facebook and Twitter and local and area newspapers and radio stations helped us get the information out.

Without everyones help we could not have exceeded our objective goal. Hope we havent overlooked anyone.

Janesville employees will note in their personal letter it explains the amount they received was a result of dividing the total dollar amount collected; by the number of employees receiving a check!

Once again THANK YOU to everyone who accepted and stepped up to the challenge!


Dave Archer, branch manager, Dover-Phila FCU Newcomerstown

Debra Bush, member service representative, Dover-Phila FCU

Joel Lee Styer, lifelong Newcomerstown resident