We would like to extend a grateful thank you to the community for their support of our ministry during the Feinstein Challenge that ended April 30. We received over 4,000 items of food and over $14,000 in donations to support our food pantry. This represents a 20 percent increase over 2011.

Through April, Journey's End has served 16,000 people or 5,500 families for an increase of 8.5 percent over 2011. We have delivered 233,000 pounds of food and handed out over 60,000 units of clothing and miscellaneous items. We have been able to keep the cost of food down to $.05 per pound.

We would like to inform the community of some needs we have: Our forklift is over 50 years old and no longer repairable, and we will need to replace it in the near future; we feel we have maxed out our space for the clothing sort room and food storage and are looking to add a 60 by 19 foot addition. This will double our food storage capacity, improve our sort room working conditions plus give us some additional storage for seasonal clothing.

We are looking for licensed contractors to give us estimates so we can apply for grants.

Thanks again to an amazing community for all its support of Journey's End!

Janet Gore


Journey's End Ministries