The Village of Newcomerstown has over 30 gas leaks on their lines, according to information provided to the Newcomerstown Village Council at a recent meeting.

As a result of recently enacted legislation, the Newcomerstown Post Office has joined a nationwide campaign to provide assistance to the families of the emergency services personnel killed or permanently disabled in the line of duty in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Employees of the Post Office are encouraging the use of the Heroes of 2001 postal stamp.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. (Evelyn L.) Decker of Newcomerstown celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.

Bigfoot Study Group to meet in Newcomerstown July 6.

Ugly Mug in Port Washington files a lawsuit against the Village of Port Washington for the increase of a permit in the live entertainment fee.

Classic Woodworking in Newcomerstown rebuilds after being struck by fire.

Deaths: Jerry E. Bonvechio, 54, Newcomerstown; and Sarah Studer, 90, Dover, formerly of Strasburg.


Newcomerstown Middle School Principal David Branch named superintendent of Newcomerstown Schools.

Newcomerstown Public Library announced the adding of the book, "Genealogy of the Elias Heller Family in America, Heller Brothers Company," by John S. Heller of Newcomerstown, the last member of the Heller family to work in the local factory.

Angie Sipple, 17, Gnadenhutten, selected 1992 senior queen at the annual Tuscarawas County 4-H picnic at Tuscora Park, New Philadelphia. Other local youths taking titles were Shelley Menefee, 15, Port Washington, teen queen, and Andy Bleininger, 10, Stone Creek, beginner king.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter (Clara) Hoffman, Gnadenhutten, were observing their 50th wedding anniversary June 28.

Deaths: Geneva McMorris, 78; Maggie Irene Myers, 79; John W. Green, 44.


Frontier Days Celebration plans set for Fourth of July and July 8-11.

Timothy Albaugh, 15, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Albaugh of Creston, former residents of Newcomerstown, survived a 50-foot fall at Hosak's Cave in Salt Fork State Park, Cambridge. His injuries included several broken bones.

Shannon Rodgers, a native of Newcomerstown, and his fashion business partner, Jerry Silverman, staged their fourth fashion show at Kent State University using the theme "Cats" from the London musical.

Outdoor historical drama "Trumpet in the Land" opened for its 10th season at the Schoenbrunn Amphitheatre, New Philadelphia.

Jill Deibel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Deibel, Fresno, elected president of Epsilon Chapter of Kappa Phi Club of Ohio State University.

Ray Wells, Newcomerstown, selected "Father of the Year" at Christ United Methodist Church.

Married: Debra Elaine Baker and Randolph Quince McCune, May 29; Della Addy Whitis and Paul E. Hamilton, June 26.

Death: Pauline Marlatt, 65.


John H. Scott, postmaster of Newcomerstown for 15 years, announced his retirement.

Rev. Raymond E. Lyons, pastor of Pleasant View Baptist Church and Kimbolton postmaster, retires after 23 years as postmaster.

A living memorial scholarship fund was established for Ridgewood High School in memory of Mike Schlarb, Jeff St. John and Ward Carr, three RHS students killed in an automobile accident Oct. 23, 1969.

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Belt, Newcomerstown, mark 25th wedding anniversary.

Deaths: E.L. Carney, 84; Homer Porcher, 64.


A windstorm strikes the Newcomerstown area causing damage.

Plans for the Fourth of July celebration in Newcomerstown completed by Junior Chamber of Commerce.

Five Newcomerstown firemen aid in search for body of a Cambridge man who drowned while waterskiing at Seneca Lake.

Mr. and Mrs. A.V. Baker, Port Washington, celebrate their 63rd wedding anniversary.

Married: Janet Boone and Richard L. Cline; Carol Mae Rogers and James Kenneth Webb; Lela Berg and Walter Coulter; Mary Gadd and Robert Cross; Bevra Kay Blind and Rodney A. Deem; Doris Jean Pickerel and Edward E. Grewell.

Deaths: Clarence Chance, 70; Mrs. R. Henry Miller, 898; Walter DeLong, 38.


Mrs. L.O. Curtiss to represent Welcome Wagon Inc. as local hostess.

Ralph Braden, local high school principal, resigns.

Mayor Lorin O. Gadd installed as president of Lions Club.

New fire engine makes first run when lightning strikes the Frank Oldt home on Johnson's Hill.

Gene Riley, 16, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Riley, suffered possible back fracture while playing baseball at Dennison Park.

Heller Bros. Co. presents check for $512.17 to the Youth Center's share of proceeds from the Coca Cola machine.

Married: Mrs. Estella Whyde and Joseph Gaines; Pfc. Donna Wilson and Pfc. Walter Curan.

Deaths: Mrs. Nannie E. Powelson, 81; William Elliott, 87; James Jay Mardis, infant; Reuben Williamson.


Rubber drive nets five tons in first week.

Canning sugar obtained by over 1,000 families.

D.B. Roeder, son of Mrs. W.C. Robinson, Cross Street, promoted to head purchasing clerk and personnel man of the war department and transfers to Vincennes, Ind.


Rev. and Mrs. H.R. Chalfant of the M.E. Church given surprise party by the congregation.

Carolina Arth announces marriage of her daughter, Verna to Boyd Wallace.

A total of 150 attend Daily Vacation Bible School.


Rev. Harley Fletcher, pastor of the First Baptist Church, preaches series of sermons on Christianity and the Social Crisis.


Errnest Hendricks slightly injured when his motorcycle runs into ditch.

Robert Schear, clerk in the Miskimen hardware store, accepted a similar position in the Fremont store.

Death; Charles Bond, Guernsey.