Sometimes businesses look to hire employees, but are limited by the amount of space in the workplace. In many cases, there is an opportunity for workers to be just as productive working from home, rather than coming into the office. In June, Governor Kasich signed into law a bill that will make Ohio more attractive to businesses by allowing them to hire more people who can work from home.

House Bill 327, which passed the House unanimously, implements a six-year tax credit for businesses to receive a job creation or job retention tax credit for employing home-based workers. After this six-year period, the Ohio Department of Development will issue a report on how many jobs the tax credit has helped to create.

Furthermore, allowing for a six-year pilot program will ensure that it receives proper attention and scrutiny before being renewed or terminated. Hopefully by that time, Ohio's economy will be thriving to the point where businesses do not need tax credits or incentives for hiring workers, but instead hire workers to keep up with production and consumer demand.

The bill is also good for employees in that it expands opportunities for individuals who cannot easily get to work or for parents with young kids. It is beneficial to have a parent at home when kids get off the school bus in the afternoon.

There is no single formula for creating jobs. Businesses have different needs at different times, and what works for one will not necessarily work for another. House Bill 327 simply opens up the possibility for businesses to expand their outlook when it comes to hiring new employees to people who can contribute to the company without leaving their homes.

Rep. Landis may be reached by calling 614-466-8035, e-mailing, or writing to State Representative Al Landis, 77 S. High St., Columbus, Ohio 43215.