I have recently heard talk of closing the pool for revenue reasons next year.

Shame on the folks who want to do this.

First, as a town that has little to offer it's residents other than the local pubs and I think I will just take my kids there tomorrow (sarcasm), I dislike the thought completely of taking such needed community resource away.

So we would now have a 30-minute drive to swim or for our kids to take lessons or have therapy. I have two special needs children who were afraid to swim at the beginning of the summer.

Thanks to the wonderful swim instructor (Kristen), they enjoy the water and are swimming and improving every day. My oldest is now taking lessons for his third year and swims like a fish and I myself have started for therapy. I know many people in this town use the pool for many of these reasons.

I know money is always the excuse yet many people using the pool and travelers or new residents look for these types of things. Don't we want to be proud of our town and what it has to offer, or do we want to say come and visit or live in Newcomerstown -- it is a great town to do nothing in as we can no longer even offer you a pool at our main attraction, Cy Young Park. Yet, we are a great family-friendly town.

It makes me sad and sick to see the things our local board chooses to try and make changes to yet somehow misses the big picture.

If we want to make more out of this town we need to remember what made it and it was community made up of families who wanted a wonderful town to raise a family and grow old in.

I like this little town and enjoy living here. I was not born or raised anywhere near hear.

For me, it had a feel of home and was a place I liked to raise my kids.

I would hate to discourage others from doing the same as once again we cut our nose off to spite our face.

Thank you for your time, it is appreciated.

Rebecca Storck