Just a few observations about the upcoming election, especially concerning the Tuscarawas County Sheriff's race. We are the parents of a missing child who has been missing more than 30 years in Tuscarawas County.

We had limited contact with Sheriff Lou Clark, which he helped us with on one situation in New Jersey concerning our daughter. We were very appreciative of his help.

Then, we had Sheriff Harold McKimmie and had quite a bit of contact with him over the years and several of his officers at that time which went on for several years.

They were very helpful to us and anytime we contacted them with a question or problem, they gave us time and understanding of our unique problem. Unfortunately, when he retired and we got Sheriff Walt Wilson, it turned into a whole different set of circumstances.

First, almost all of the people that had worked under Sheriff McKimmie were no longer there, which made a big difference. We have never met Sheriff Wilson, even though we have stopped in numerous times and tried to make contact with him, without any success. He did assign one of his detectives to work on our daughter's "cold case," as we were told several times that this was. I wonder how they would feel if it was their child that was missing. We have had limited contact with him. The last time I talked to him on the phone was concerning a conversation our son had with someone over six years ago about our daughter, which resulted in the acquisition of a person's name possibly involved in her disappearance.

I had contacted him directly after our son told us about this conversation to see if they could make contact with this person. I would call about once a year to see if this contact had ever happened and it hadn't. This person's address is available to the Sheriff's Department. Well, more than six years has gone by and I contacted him in March and he said this person had a rap sheet with the Sheriff's Department.

I can't believe we have had to put in our six years and this situation is still up in the air. We're considering making contact with this person ourselves, if our Sheriff's Department doesn't have time or inclination to do it.

Another interesting fact about this story is that we have had direct contact with Gerry Mroczkowski when he was with BCI (he took our DNA) and he and his associate were very accommodating and talked to us for quite a while at our house. What a different between these men.

I believe our Sheriff's Department can go back to the efficient way it was run years ago if Gerry Mroczkowski is elected as our new sheriff.

Judy and Jim Wolff