Journey's End Ministries is beginning its annual fundraiser to cover operating costs.

Our budget is $83,000 and 67 percent of that goes for food and delivery costs while 16 percent covers utilities and trash, 14 percent salary and 3 percent supplies.

This year, our donations are down 17 percent due to the loss of two key donors yet our service is up 13 percent. We serve a 10-mile radius, including Newcomerstown, Port Washington, West Lafayette, Plainfield, Kimbolton, Fresno and other areas within that circle and this year will feed 17,400 families which equates to 55,000 people.

Of the 55,000 that received food, nearly 33 percent are children and 10 percent are seniors. In our clothing area, we will give away over 200,000 pieces of clothing and miscellaneous items to anyone in need.

We would like to encourage our supporters to consider a monthly donation, even $10 a month will buy 145 pounds of food each month. This community of churches, businesses and individuals have been incredibly generous and we would like to thank you in advance for your continued support.

Janet Gore

Journey's End Ministries