Turning down the radio dial will not be same, especially at 99.9. Sadly, we lost a long-time trusted voice heard over the local airwaves for decades. Ed Schumacher will be greatly missed. He may have worked quietly behind the scenes and microphone, but his community outreach and entrepreneurship touched the lives of hundreds throughout Tuscarawas and surrounding counties.

Following Ed's passing, I heard his motto was, "Business as usual." This is a testament to his business and civic practices. He never forgot what community meant and the importance of local involvement, even before starting a radio station in his basement. I first had the opportunity to partner with Ed shortly after I began working with Red Cross during the 1998 local floods in the Twin Cities. It was a devastation that forced more than 50 families from their homes.

Ed and his radio staff offered to help collect funds for flood victims who suffered severe damage. The station, along with others, pulled together in time of need. We also worked with him on other large disaster relief efforts such as Hurricane Katrina. He, as well, helped us start our Hometown Heroes event ten years ago serving as event master of ceremonies.

Most recently, we teamed up with the station to help save lives by distributing smoke detectors and fire safety information to area families. That is just a small frequency of what he was all about -- embracing the community.

Yes, a resilient, yet quiet, voice has been silenced, but his "sound effects" will be heard for years to come. No static on that dial!

Chad Conrad

Director, Muskingum Lakes Chapter

American Red Cross