Journey's End Ministries has seen a tremendous jump in food demand the last two months.

For the year, they have served 8,000 families (27,000 people) and are running 15 percent over last year in households but averaging a 38 percent jump for the last two months.

They really need people, business and churches to consider partnering with them with a monthly donation commitment.

The food budget is $4,000 a month and they only have a commitment of $1,500 each month that we can be sure of receiving. The need in the community has never been greater: Over 33 percent of the people fed are children and another 12 percent are seniors.

They are also struggling to build an addition to allow them to expand our food storage warehouse space and are in need of an additional $15,000 to complete the project. They have a dedicated volunteer staff that are willing to work hard to provide this service for the community but we also need financial support to keep us afloat.

Please donate.

Thank you,

Janet Gore, director

Journey's End Ministries

P.O. Box 507

205 River St.

Newcomerstown, OH 43832