To Oxford Township, Tuscarawas County, residents:

My name is James "Jimmy" McDonnell and if you did not know, I have been an Oxford Township trustee for the last four years.

It is hard to believe four years has already past. I would like to take this time to thank some people that have really helped the township.

First of all, the township lost two good men in my first four years, Mr. Ed Patrick and Mr. Milford Addy. They will be missed.

I also would like for the residents of Oxford Township to thank Heather Stein-Wells if they get a chance. Heather has taken her own time, with no pay, to help Oxford Township get two grants -- one for over $36,000 to help the township purchase a road-patching machine and one for $25,000 to put an addition on the township building. We could not have done either of these without these grants.

The township is like everyone else in this economy, we need to do but we try to do the best we can with the funds we have.

In ending, I would like to thank the residents of Oxford Township for their patience and understanding.

Thank you,

Jimmy McDonnell