We would like to take this opportunity to graciously thank all the wonderful people that helped make our 2014 Newcomerstown High School "Great Gatsby" Prom a success.

Johnathon Zufelt for setting up. Becky Zufelt for her help all week and managing the concession stand at prom. She was the Junior mom that was there all week when we needed her help.

Mr. Baker and the art students for completing the many projects.

Mr. Matchett and his students for making the platform.

Kenny and Tiffany Shaw for their woodworking expertise.

The middle school staff that helped to finish the ceiling: Marsh, Hines, Stevens and McCune

Our administration for parking cars: Mr. Peoples, Mr. Fockler, Mr. Corder and Mr. Staggs

Plymouth for their donations of the letters and numbers for the pillars.

The Burrier family for the classic car to set up front for walk-in.

Patty Girton for her flower expertise on the tables.

Tommi Watson for table decorating time.

Kristen Meeks for gathering all necessary supplies to decorate and helping chaperone.

Chaperones: Donnie and Lori Stevens, Laurna Brown, Logan Sheptock and Dan Leakey.

Sally Lenhoff, Lorraine George and Melissa Miller for chaperoning post prom and helping serve breakfast.

Linda Mullens for our 5 a.m. breakfast.

Mr. Leakey for helping with our technology, chaperoning prom and post prom.

Larry Lowdermilk for his excellent disc jocking skills to provide a fun-filled night for our kids.

Island Delights for the wonderful slushies.

Charlie Lenzo for the cool photo booth.

Kelly Jones for his donation.

Grand Slam for letting us have post prom.

All the junior parents for sending in food items for the concession stand and post prom

Our wonderful tear down team of Harriet Little, Alisha Landis, The Weaver Family (Willy, Michelle, and Gavin), The Shaw Family (Kenny, Tiffany, Lincoln and Alexis), Angie and Thurman Gibson, Greg Marsh, Laurna Brown, Donnie and Lori Stevens, Kristen Meeks and Becky Zufelt.

The class of 2015 for their time and effort in creating a wonderful prom.

Mrs. Richter for her fundraising efforts to generate the income to purchase all items necessary.

Mrs. Yoder for her vision for prom and not missing a single detail for an amazing looking prom!!

NHS Prom Committee