Farming is a very important part of our lively-hood here in Tuscarawas County and in general here in Ohio, without it we would be dependent on other sources for our food.

In addition, agriculture has added $103,980,000 in cash receipts in 2011 to the economy of Tuscarawas County.

I have met both Rep. Al Landis and Cong. Bill Johnson on multiple occasions and I know firsthand they are friends of the farming community.

Al Landis has done great work in the statehouse to communicate issues farmers are having back to the state EPA to make sure they can stay in business and maintain a sustainable business model.

Bill Johnson is working on the federal level to stop the EPA from imposing more regulations like the new waterways rule that would hurt all farmers and insert more government control.

Mr. Johnson also grew up on a farm so he understands what farmers have to endure each and every day and the constant struggles we face.

By keeping officials like Landis and Johnson in their respective positions, I feel that farmers are being represented and I know they will fight back against those who seek to put our farming communities out of business.

Farm Bureau recognizes the value of the work Cong. Johnson and Rep. Landis have done on behalf of their constituents by presenting them with the Friend of Agriculture and the Friend of Farm Bureau awards.

Jerry Lahmers