Do you remember the "easy button" commercials? I haven't thought of them in a while ... partly because commercials are becoming obsolete .... but mainly because it was always so unrealistic. Nothing is ever truely easy. I have been on a hard journey the last two months ... one that I have started and stopped dozens of times ... the dreaded weigh loss journey. This time I have committed to myself. It's different. Not a diet ... .not an exercise program ... really not even a weigh loss journey ... it is a lifestyle change and it is possibly one of the hardest mountains I have ever climbed.

One night I hit a wall of frustration. After a long day of parenting, scheduling, chauffeuring, coaching and just general "adulting," I found myself on my bathroom floor drenched in sweat and tears at 11 p.m. The fact that I can't kick my leg the way Billy Blanks kicks his ... without falling over ... was the final straw. Not normally one to cry, I was somewhat surprised that I broke down .... over a silly leg kick. In those moments of pure exhaustion all I wanted was that darn bright red easy button!

Even if you aren't fighting a battle like mine, you know what I mean right? Maybe you bought a new home ... spent every dime you had ... only to find out that everything from the furnace to the light fixtures needed replaced. Or you could be in the midst of an academic battle.... struggling to pass an exam that will change your life. What about that dream you finally decided to turned out to be full of obstacles and set backs that you didn't notice through your rose colored glasses.

Everyone has wished ... maybe even prayed for that easy button ... all for different reasons. What we all have in common is the fact that no matter how hard we beg, life just doesn't have an easy button. It's for the best though! No I didn't enjoy picking my crumpled ego up off the floor .... you didn't enjoy swallowing your pride and repeating organic chem, or replacing that faulty plumbing, or burning the bridge at both ends just to get your new business out of the red. But when you short cuts, no safety nets, no favors ... the result was better than you could ever imagine. When you throw away the easy button ....wipe away the sweat, dry the tears and tighten your bootstraps ... you will find success! It won't be easy and it might take you much longer than you want it to, but it will be worth it!