Many people avoid the phrase "what if" because it is usually thought of as a negative. What if the drive is too long ... what if I fail the test ... what if I don't get the job. It is human nature to fear the unknown. We like to stay put in our comfort zone. even if that zone makes us less than happy. in the moment it feels safe. Although it doesn't make sense to keep waking up and living with or through something that doesn't make you happy people do it day after day. because it is easier to face the day knowing what will happen vs. taking a chance that things will get worse.

A very smart lady once shared a story with me. It was about two men who were digging for diamonds. The first man was determined he would find them no matter what and he dug vigorously. The second man dug as well. but after digging for a while he became tired. It was hot dirty work, and he worried he would spend his whole life digging. What if he never found a single diamond? So the second man threw down his shovel and walked away. At the time that he walked away that man was only a few feet from finding a whole layer of the precious gem he had been searching for, but he never knew that. He never found any diamonds, because he gave up. He was one shovel of dirt away from success. What if he had kept digging?

I am battling the "what if" in my own life right now. This summer I made a commitment to get healthy. When cutting carbs and doing sit-ups wasn't working, I decided to step it up a bit. Just this week, I started the Insanity workout....if you have never heard of it don't worry...its easy to explain. It is a workout plan that is INSANE! It really pushes your mind and body. On day 3, with a 7 year old chanting go mommy go (very sweet but not as helpful as you might think) and a 3 year old insisting that she needed ANOTHER snack...I was halfway through the workout and it crossed my mind.... what if I just skipped it today? What if I tried an easier workout to start with? But I already knew I wouldn't be happy with the answer to those questions. So I asked myself....what if I succeed? What if I push through the pain? What impact will my success have on my life? Those answers I liked!

I know life can be scary when you don't know what the future holds, but I challenge you to change your perspective on the "What Ifs" in your life. What if we have an unforgettable family trip? What if you ace the test? What if you get the job? When you think about the good things that can result from taking that step out into the unknown it will be less fearful. You have to look at how amazing your life can be if you reach your dream. If you find your diamonds.