It amazes me how as humans....when we are going through a hard time....we have a tendency to get absorbed in it. Even if it is unintentional, we can't help but feel like "this is the worst day ever!" "I can't catch a break!" "Life is soooo unfair!" I am guilty of using each of those phrases numerous times every month.....sometimes every week. It is only when something really bad happens....something that shakes us to our core....that life makes us aware of how good our world is even on our hardest days.

I always try to see the good in all situations....dig deep to find the hidden positive opportunities. Currently, I am in the midst of one of those earth shattering hard times....the kind that make every other problem seem like a walk in the park. Although I know in my heart that it is there, at this moment I can not see the sun through the dark clouds. Curling up in a ball of helplessness feels like the only road right now, but I know that if I force myself to hold on....not to give up hope...the storm will pass, leaving behind a magnificent rainbow. I won't deny that fear, pain and heartache are unbearable at times, but it is only through the experience of really bad things that we see the beauty in our good things.

For example....

If your children never once did anything wrong....never challenged you, never broke a rule, never stepped out of line.... Would you even notice their polite, kind, or loving moments?

If your heart had never been broken...never felt lonely.... Would you really cherish the value of finding your true love.

If the sky was always blue and the sun always shined would you ever walk outside after a storm and raise your face to embrace it? Would you even notice the heavenly smell of the first day of spring?

If our bodies never felt pain, would we be as grateful for our health as we are on the first day we wake up and take a deep breath after battling a cold?

If our babies never cried....would the sound of their laughter be as beautiful?

If we never failed at something we wanted so much, would we feel as proud as we do when we finally win?

The answer every time is NO. Without experiencing the bad things in life we would take the good things for granted. Sometimes life has to remind us of how fragile it truly is, because only then do we remember that a hug is a hundred times more important than being on time.... "I love you" should always be said, especially when angry....and it is never too late to say I'm sorry. So as hard as it may be to do... Be thankful for the darkness in your life, because it makes your sun shine so much brighter. A small flashlight seems insignificant, until you have walked through a dark tunnel, only then can you see how bright your light is....