Exactly one year ago today....Oct. 1, 2014....my best friend's husband died in a tractor accident. He was only 33..... When I heard the news my heart broke .... I felt pain and sadness deeper than I ever knew was possible. Although we had went our separate ways... both leading busy lives...we are the kind of friends who can pick up the phone once a year and talk like we had seen each other just the night before. Growing up she was like a sister to me. Our marriages were similar...we often joked about the crazy things our husbands did to us and how lucky we were to have married not only our true love but our best friends. Just thinking about losing my husband brings tears to my eyes, because I know that I can't even begin to imagine the hurt she is holding right now....that she will hold forever. I wish I could somehow turn back time...undo the tragedy.... unbreak her heart... but I just can't. What I can do is make sure that his memory lives on. While my world is darkened everytime I think about the loss of this great man...taken decades before his time....I know that his family is not the only one carrying a cloud of sadness. All over the world friends and family grieve the loss of someone they loved more than life itself. When we hear about something like this...it stops us in our tracks....almost waking us up from this life we call "reality". It forces us to think about how badly it hurts to say goodbye to someone, when you had only just begun to say hello. We look at our own lives...our own loved ones...and we see clearly what matters most. Life is beautiful and fragile and at times it can be very short....out of our control. Once the tears stop....once we physically have none left to cry....we try and go on with life. Over time... unintentionally... we start to lose that clear view. The ones lost are never forgotten...but the things their death showed us start to fade. It doesn't mean we care less...it is just how this fast paced world spins round. We have to hold on to that clear window into what matters most....our children...our spouses... our friends...our human race. Things and schedules and shows and upgrades do not matter. My best friend had to say goodbye to her entire world....365 days later she is still trying to say goodbye. I know I speak for everyone who knows her, when I say I would do anything to take away her heartache..... but we just can't change the past. What we can do is remember what his death showed us....that we have to live life with a clear view of what matters. He did that....he loved his wife and farmed his land. He touched countless lives. On the day he was laid to rest, tractors lined the streets in his honor and hundreds of people broke down and said goodbye. It was clear he lived his life as we all should, and in his honor I will never let my view get clouded again. Every time I see a tractor it will be a reminder of the gift this young farmer gave to the world.