People often say oh I would give anything to have her curves or his strength or her patience or their money.

I have said it probably more times than i want to admit. It is only human to want a better life, but sometimes we get so caught up dreaming about what our lives could be like that we miss out on what is right in front of us. YES I wish i was more patient with my kids....YES I wish I was thinner....YES I wish my house was more organized....but when i really think about that ever popular statement...."I would trade anything if I could just have_____" I have to stop and ask myself.... honestly what would i trade?

Would I trade the toothless grin of my little girl for nights free of ear splitting teething pain crying?

Both my kids turned into unrecognizable monsters when they were getting teeth and in a constant state of exhaustion I often said ....maybe my husband that I would give anything to avoid this! In the moment i felt so helpless, but in reality I would never chose to miss any part of my children...even the bad parts. Yes teething is a miserable time but I wouldn't trade the toothy grin...the new food explorations...or the excitement that comes with the loss of those baby teeth.

Extra weight..... Oh many many women feel burdened by it....cursing the mirror or their too tight jeans daily. Wishing they had made healthier choices or could commit to an exercise plan....any plan! Weight is probably at the top of the "I would give anything to " list.

Let me ask you what I have asked myself hundreds of times. You want your fairy godmother to wave her magic wand and make you look like you did in high school? ..... Ya me too....

But what about yourself today would you be willing to give up? Would you give away your nurturing side?

Your singing voice? Your knowledge and experience?

Your humor? Your beautiful eyes? Your talented hands? Your loyalty... empathy.... determination? No.... I wouldn't trade my good qualities and I hope you wouldn't trade yours either. What we have to realize is that time spent wishing we could trade away the things we aren't pleased with is precious time wasted. Time we could spend enjoying and sharing the things that make us who we are....that make us unique.

To get something good you normally need to give something as good or better than the thing you want.

So while I realize the "I would trade anything for that" is just a phrase...I think we need to step back sometimes and embrace the many amazing things we already have in our lives.