When I write it comes from the heart....from my life. Here lately I have had to walk down some pretty rough roads. This week I had intended to share something bright and sunny....God blessed me with two little girls and as a result I am fortunate to have tons of bright and sunny moments...as well as way to much glitter! Unfortunately, the news is yet again splashed with details of another massacre and I can't help but discuss it.

I believe that the true problem lies less with our lack of gun laws and more with our lack of concern for the key issue behind human decision. In my opinion every choice we make good or bad is influenced by the happiness of our soul.

We need to stop accusing each other and start healing each other. Yes we need to step up and stop this violence....but taking away civil rights and pointing the finger at everyone but ourselves isn't the answer.

We want to take away guns....to protect people?

Why don't we stop pretending its the guns fault when we all know its the decay of society that's spurring our children to kill each other. I'm not saying we don't need to deal with these problems ....but I think we should stop focusing on telling each other what to do...what to feel....what to believe and start trying to rebuild our nation....to reclaim our happy souls.

If we want our children to be kinder, more understanding and emotionally stable....we have to start by supporting their parents.

Teaching new and old parents ways to help kids deal with failure, disappointment, and anger has to outweigh our desire to "fix everything" for them. Life is hard for everyone, but it is even harder for someone who doesn't know how to weather a storm.

I'm not for or against gun laws.....but instead I'd support an effort to teach children AND ADULTS what they were built for! A gun is for protection and for hunting food period.

We need to put our energy into changing the hearts of our human race....not pointing blame and imposing more laws on our freedoms.... I am going to bet a lack of love, guidance and discipline can be found at the root of every massacre. Only when we are able to heal the hearts of each other....not the laws....will we see the change our world so desperately needs.