I learned something invaluable this past weekend, while I witnessed a group of farmers come together to help a man fulfill a dream to harvest corn with a massive combine. I was the lucky one who got to watch as a group of men....a dying breed....took the time to slow down and embrace life. Unfortunately it is the cruel reality of life's fragility that spurred the days activities. Knowing life may be shorter than he planned drove him to chase his dreams today instead of hoping they happen tomorrow. So on a beautiful sunny day...in the heart of Tuscarawas county....a man and his granddaughters got a once in a lifetime experience.

As I watched my little girls climb in and out of the huge John Deere tractor, chase each other through corn rows and collect discarded ears as souvenirs...I realized that something that is exhausting and at times stressful work for adults was being viewed by them as endless fun. They didn't see the fuel bills, the weather issues or the exhaustion....they seen the pretty trees, the warm sun, and the fun ride. This simple moment hit me like a brick wall....maybe that is the key to finding happiness and contentment in this harsh world.....looking through the eyes of a child.

Functioning as an adult is essential to being successful in life, but the roads we have to walk down these days are hard....crime, disease, hate, loss, isolation hit us around every corner. If we slow down every now and then.....close our eyes and picture the world as children see it....we might just find the strength and happiness we need to carry on. If you are feeling hopeless and overwhelmed....let a child show you the bright side. Maybe your garage is a death trap....but I bet your kids can see a treasure hunt! Do you have to shop at three stores to save money....don't worry, your kids love a thrilling scavenger hunt! Spending a day at depressing specialist appointments....your kids will meet new people and absorb new scenery....join them! Our children are God's gift to our future....but they are also a gift to our today....view it through their eyes