This year....much like every year....I have certain things I want to accomplish.

Most people give at least a little thought to the whole New Year's resolution thing. Every year I make a list of the things that with the arrival of the New Year I WILL do. I believe in the theory that it takes 21 consecutive days to make or break a habit, so it is always my goal to start out Jan 1st doing whatever is on my list and to continue doing it.

As much as I hate admitting all the years I have been welcoming the New Year with the traditional New Year's resolution list....I have NEVER managed to keep it going throughout the entire year. AND just to add a little salt to the wound....I can't remember many of them, which tells me they had very little impact on my life. What's the point? Is it even worth the time to make a list?

Yes IT IS.... Because it is healthy to take a step back and look at your life. Consider the good and the bad from the year and figure out what you hope to accomplish in the days, weeks, and months ahead. With that said... it is not so healthy to set your goals so high that they are out of reach or so unrealistic that even a superhero couldn't achieve them. So this year instead of making a do or die list, it is my New Years goal to cut myself some slack.

Yes I still have things I want to change in the year 2016...mainly I want to get healthier in my whole life ... exercise more, yell less, and enjoy my family even more than I did the year before.

I want to love what I already am, while at the same time continuing to work hard to become better for myself. I believe the key to achieving all those things is to allow myself to fail....maybe even plan for it. In all my other resolutions as soon as missed a step....fell off track.... the journey ended. Not this year! I know that as I try to continue losing weight there will be times I give up.... 2016 resolution is not to quit!

I can anticipate failure...accept it...learn from it...and each time I fall I WILL get back in the starting blocks! As you start on your own goals for this New Year....keep in mind that the race can only be won if you are willing to get back on the track.

Do not let yourself quit just because you failed once or twice or even many times....always keep going! Every day is an opportunity to start again.... even if you lost your cool with the kids today. or let yourself stress out over life's what if list ..or ate a whole chocolate doesn't matter...the sun will still shine tomorrow and if you keep showing up .... One day you WILL cross the finish line!