Take notice of the people you pass today....everyone you see is on a journey. Look in the mirror...you are on one of your own. While each of us are running different races, one thing is the same - we all want to win. No one shows up with the intent to come in last place.

Maybe you are about to apply for a new job....or maybe you're the high school quarter back and its Friday night. Maybe you are in the midst of a legal battle ....or maybe you are just trying to right a wrong. It doesn't matter if the race has just begun...if you are 3 laps in....or if you can see the finish line, winning will always be the ultimate goal. But no matter how hard you work or how badly you need to win...sometimes losing is inevitable.

While I was considering all the races being ran in the world today, I stopped and wondered what it would be like to enter a competition that you knew you would lose. They say "it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all", but I am not sure many of us would be brave enough to walk down a road that we knew had an unfortunate ending. Yet many people take that walk every single day. It is the walk of someone fighting for their lives...the little girl with leukemia, the man who goes to 2 AA meetings a day, or the college student who knows her brain will never function the way she needs it to. They know what their road looks like and they know that the odds are against them, but still they get in the starting blocks.....over and over.

I believe that it takes a special strength to be able to run a race when you know that the odds are against you. Watching someone you love in a race for life - physical, emotion or mental- is heartbreaking, but please don't let your tears cloud your view. What I see is a person who knows that it isn't the finish line that matters. When you live your life rightwhen you make your decisions based on love and you give more than you takeonly then can you see that life isn't about winning the race.

Focus less on the destination and more on the journey you take along the way. Embrace the rush of adrenaline you get when you first leave the starting blocks, and soak up the pride you feel when you push through the pain as exhaustion starts to kick in. As you navigate the bumps and turns, don't stare at the ground raise your head and see the beauty beside you, the sunshine ahead of you and most importantly the happiness you are leaving in your footsteps. Many people will lose their race today some might not even make it to the finish line but for them it is not about the finish line....what matters most is the race itself.