I want to take a moment and defend those women. Yes, I have seen the photos ... the poor choices, the too tight clothing, the odd behaviors, but those things don't make them less human than me. Just because my socks match and you can't see my leopard thong doesn't mean I deserve more respect than her. With regard to the photos making fun of plus-sized women in really tight and revealing clothing, I think society needs to take a step back on this one. I agree that some women just shouldn't wear tube tops, not only is it unappealing, it has to be horribly uncomfortable, yet there they are. Is it possible that we force such a rigid imagine of beauty onto the world that women of all sizes are desperate to look like a supermodel? So instead of judging and laughing at these women, let's step back and ask why they are dressing so absurdly. If society had more of an open mind to its definition of beautiful we might see fewer women squeezing themselves into outfits five sizes too small.

We have to stop judging situations we don't know anything about. How many times have you checked out behind a mom with three screaming kids, no patience, and coupons? I recently experienced this exact situation. She had a baby in a car seat screaming and two toddlers fighting in the cart. To my surprise, she checked out, loaded her cart, and paid, while completely ignoring them. At one point, their wails were pretty annoying. I fought the urge to roll my eyes and grumble under my breath. Then she made eye contact for a very brief moment and in her eyes, I saw a young exhausted mother. How could I have judged her for ignoring her kids just minutes ago? It was obvious she loved her kids. I am sure she knew her kids were disrupting the store but she had nothing left. Her cart was full of food for them, and she had to use those time-consuming coupons because with them she saved just enough to buy the gas needed to get home.

Next time you see an article making fun of the women of Walmart, ignore it. Photos can sometimes be cruel snapshots that portray people at their worst. Whether it's a skimpy tube top that is five sizes too small or a mom dragging a screaming toddler through the isle on a backpack leash, they are only human. We don't know the struggles they carry or the dreams they wish would come true.