Did you see the sign that said, for every Goliath God will provide a stone?

I read the words and immediately thought of the many times God has provided a stone for me to stand against what appeared to be a giant I was facing. When there were problems or questions He sent the answer. When there was sickness, He provided a cure. During times of disappointment or unrest He sent peace and encouragement. When I grieved the loss of a loved one, God sent comfort. He has taken away pain, healed bruises and repaired the breaks in my life. God has also answered many other needs in His own special way. Were these really giants? To me they were. Did God send a stone? Once again, to me He did because the answer came and the giant was gone or could no longer do battle in my life.

My Bible says that giants were men of unusual size, but could a problem too big for me to handle be a giant? Yes, it was a giant I couldn't fight alone. I needed God's help. I needed the stone that comes only from Him. God provided the stone and I threw it knowing my faith in Him would see me through. The giant was down and the battle was won.

In I Samuel I read where David killed Goliath with one small stone. In Second Samuel scripture records that David and his men killed other giants. Other places I find where scripture records that there were giants killed by Godly men.

Are you facing a giant today? Do you know the blessing that comes with one small stone/ Ask God for a stone and the blessing will follow.