What should we use to draw men unto Christ: food, fun, entertainment? These are worldly desires. Why would we ever use them? But look around. People are gullible, and it's working. We love free food, fun, and entertainment. In fact, worshipping God has become entertaining "come watch so and so perform," mostly during December and April. A worship service should never be a performance! God's children are to meet on the first day of the week to remember what God has done for us. God is the audience, looking down from above to see if we are giving our whole heart, mind, and soul to Him in thankfulness for what Jesus has done. Read John 3:14-15 where Jesus says Moses lifted up a serpent and He, the Son of man, must be lifted. Then read chapter 12:32 where He will draw all by being lifted up. The cross should draw you, not all these worldly items. Jesus says so! What better source do we need?

Jesus did use food, the 5,000, but notice the people had followed Jesus for three days and had no food, Mark 8:2. How many today would follow Jesus for three days with no food? It looks like they come and get the free food, clothing, etc., and then go home to enjoy. Please read John 6:26-7 where Jesus chastises the people and says, "You seek me not because you saw the signs, but because you ate of the loaves and were filled." Shame on all who use food, fun, and entertainment to draw men to Christ! Now read again John 6:26-7 where Jesus says, "Do not work for meat which perisheth but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give you."

Do you know what that is? Do you want some?

Next time!

P.S. Read Numbers 21:1-9; very interesting!