This One Thing I Know

I know He opened up my blinded eyes one day.

I know His precious blood washed all my sins away.

I know His peace, sweet peace, has filled my troubled soul.

Yes, this one thing I know.

On Wednesday evening The Boyle family sang this song. Though I have listened as they sang these words before, this time God spoke a reminder to me that I hope I never forget. I heard, "I know His peace, sweet peace, has filled my troubled soul," and I was reminded that yes, many times in the past God's sweet peace has filled my troubled soul.

God's love for His children brings a peace all its own. His caring, concern and strength during times of trial is a peace I can't live without. The joy of serving Him brings a peace and light along my path that is truly amazing. And yes, I have known these times of peace and contentment that He sends.

But this time He showed me that it need not end there. I can have that same peace in the future. Through good times and bad, times of pain or joy, contentment or times that I don't understand He will be with me. The peace can still be mine. As His Word says, His grace is sufficient. I can have the assurance today, of knowing that there is peace in my future.

It's a blessing to trust God for the peace in my life, today and always.

Published in the Countryside Baptist Church bulletin June 14,2015.