The song spoke of the nail-scarred hands of Jesus. It said, "It’s all in the hands of Jesus."

As I thought of this later, I realized that the answers are all found in the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. When I give my cares, concerns, and burdens to Him, those, too, He then holds in His precious hands.

When Jesus allowed the Roman soldiers to drive the nails through His hands into the wooden cross, He did it for me.

When He reaches out a hand full of comfort, and strength, it’s for me.

I find so much love in the touch of His hand. His touch so gentle I can barely feel it has often helped to dry the tears. The touch was gentle, yet so strong. A touch of His hand will never hurt me.

I thought too, of the baby Jesus and how small and soft His hands must have seemed to Mary and Joseph. Did they know then of the nails that would come?

As Jesus grew and worked as a carpenter, did His hands become strong and rough from His labors? The hands were strong enough to overturn the tables in the temple, yet kind enough to replace an ear on the servant of the high priest. His touch brought sight to the blind, made the lame to walk, and caused the dumb to speak. Never has another man carried such gentle power in his hands.

What a blessing to know that the hands of my Savior will love, comfort, guide, and often carry me on the path that I travel through this life, then will one day welcome me home.