Early Bird Challenge results

WEST LAFAYETTE -- River Greens Golf Club had their annual season opening Early Bird Challenge on Saturday, March 28. The tournament features six holes each of scramble, best ball and alternate shot formats. The competition took place on the Greens and the River courses.

The teams of Josh Anderson-Clint Paxson and AT Spires-Scott Cope tied for first place with 65s. Matt Gowins and Mitch Levengood were third just one stroke off the pace. Jason Leeds and Tyler Anderson were fourth at 67. There were three one under par 71s: Matt Cooperider-Andy Flautt, Adam Veselenek-Chase Mallory and Joe Blakely-Lou Balogh.

The scramble format was won by Veselenek and Mallory. The best ball format was won by At Spires and Scott Cope and Gowins, and Levengood won the alternate shot format.

The following are the results:

65 Josh Anderson-Clint Paxson

65 AT Spires-Scott Cope

66 Matt Gowins-Mitch Levengood

67 Jason Leeds-Tyler Anderson

71 Joe Blakely-Lou Balogh

71 Adam Veselenek-Chase Mallory

71 Matt Cooperider-Andy Flautt

72 Jeff Jackson-Tyler Light

73 Frank Livak-Derek Duda

73 Bob and Darren Phipps

74 Tim Cooksey-Jim Stoffer

74 Scott Childers-James Dunn

75 Aaron Shanklin-John Perkowski

76 Ron Bowman-Tom Ross

78 Ed Wright-Dave Caldwell

79 John Columbo-Dwight Fouts

80 Mardella Rice-Brad Haynes

80 Dan Lahmers-Caine Bricker

81 Mark Waller-John Ramshaw

82 Sean Nicely-Jim Stafford

83 Mike and Bill Scherer

84 Tyler Getz-Zach Meuller

85 Gary Gerber-Todd Gardner

87 Josh Gould-Ryan Andrews

The next two-man event is a scramble on Saturday, April 25.