All-Eastern District track honors announcedSeveral local athletes from Indian Valley and Ridgewood received All-Eastern District Track honors.For the Division II girls, Indian Valley senior Kayla Caldwell shared Co-Athlete of the Year honors with Katie Davis of Cambridge. Caldwell was first in the district for the pole vault and 100 meter dash, and second in both the 300 hurdles and 200 meter dash.Also for the Lady Braves, Candace Casini was first in the 110 hurdles. The 4x100 relay team came in first as well.Coach of the Year honors went to Indian Valley's Diane Bell.For the Division II boys, Indian Valley's Sean Jones, Indian Valley was named Tri-Athlete of the year along with River View's Coty Cochran and Dover's Cory DeChiara. Co-Coaches of the Year were Rick Staley of Dover and Mike Gray of River View.Jones was tops in the district for the 800 and second in both the 400 and 1600 meter runs. The Brave's Andrew Tignor was first in the discus. Division IIBoysShot Put -- Jason German, Meadowbrook, 51-8; Zach Queen, Ridgewood, 51-5; Garrett Patterson, Tusky Valley, 50-5; Coty Cochran, River View, 49-6.Discus -- Andrew Tignor, Indian Valley, 150-3; Ty Egnot, Meadowbrook, 148-0; Cabbott Harmon, Philo, 146-11; Luke Widder, River View, 138-6.110 Hurdles -- Coty Cochran, River View, 14.52; Kiley Jones, Claymont, 15.1; Tyler Dawson, River View, 15.29; Chris Eneix, Bellaire, 15.7.300 Hurdles -- Cory DeChiara, Dover, 38.71; Austin Bates, Ridgewood, 40.07; Bredon Walker, Carrollton, 40.9; Nick Wolff, West Holmes, 41.5.100 meters -- Coty Cochran, River View, 10.89; John Frazier, Sandy Valley, 10.93; Thomas Norris, Cambridge, 11.07; Brant Schonauer, River View, 11.09.200 meters -- Cory DeChiara, Dover, 22.3; Coty Cochran, River View, 22.36; Vince Moore, River View, 22.51; Taylor Hunt, Meadowbrook, 22.61.400 meters -- Taylor Hunt, Meadowbrook, 50.02; Vince Moore, River View, 50.59; Sean Jones, Indian Valley, 51.2; Colt Landis, Ridgewood, 51.68.800 meters -- Sean Jones, Indian Valley, 1:56.57; Carson Gessner, Dover, 2:00.1; Chris Suzuki, Claymont, 2:03.0; Vince Fonte, Sandy Valley, 2:03.5.1600 meters -- Carson Gessner, Dover, 4:28.1; Sean Jones, Indian Valley, 4:28.48; Cory Dotts, Claymont, 4:30.5; Steve Hammond, River View, 4:31.6.3200 meters -- Cory Dotts, Claymont, 9:50.0; Steve Hammond, River View, 9:54.21; Alex Thornburg, St. Clairsville, 9:57.0; Jacob Stevens, River View, 10:10.2.Long Jump -- Thomas Norris, Cambridge, 21-10; Brant Schonauer, River View, 21-10; Jeff Ickes, Dover, 21-7; Wyatt Smith, Philo, 20-3.Pole Vault -- Shawn Light, Meadowbrook, 14-10; Nathan Milton, Meadowbrook, 14-2; Tyler Beckley, Claymont, 13-7; Michael Prokop, Tusky Valley, 13-0; Dan Kimble, Dover, 13-0.High Jump -- Cory Matlick, Dover, 6-4; Brant Schonauer, River View, 6-2; Tyler Dawson, River View, 6-2; Nil Sicart, Tusky Valley, 6-2.4x100 relay -- River View, 43.29; Dover, 43.78; Ridgewood, 44.02; Claymont, 44.2.4x200 relay -- Dover, 1:30.48; Cambridge, 1:30.93; Ridgewood, 1:32.09; Claymont, 1:33.3.4x400 relay -- Dover, 3:23.7; Indian Valley, 3:28.53; Meadowbrook, 3:31.5; Tusky Valley, 3:31.5.4x800 relay -- Sandy Valley, 8:20.1; Tusky Valley, 8:22.5; West Holmes, 8:26.55; River View, 8:35.6.Tri-Athletes of the Year -- Sean Jones, Indian Valley, Coty Cochran, River View; Cory DeChiara, Dover; Co-Coaches of the Year -- Rick Staley, Dover; Mike Gray, River View.GirlsLong Jump -- Kate Fausett, Cambridge, 16-10; Kristie Marcum, Morgan, 16-5; Lydia Rankin, Tusky Valley, 15-10.High Jump -- Katie Davis, Cambridge, 5-4; Kacy Bond, Indian Valley, 5-0; Kristie Marcum, Morgan, 4-11.Pole Vault -- Kayla Caldwell, Indian Valley, 12-4; Julia Cain, Sandy Valley, 10-8; Kaitlyn Martin, River View, 10-1.Shot Put -- Courtney Greer, Morgan, 35-3; Andrea Clemons, Claymont, 34-7; Katy Lewis, Cambridge, 34-4.Discus -- Katherine Mansill, Tusky Valley, 105-0; Jessica Rice, River View, 104-2; Katherine Jirles, Meadowbrook, 99-10.110 Hurdles -- Candace Casini, Indian Valley, 15.12; Mara Cain, Meadowbrook, 15.26; Rachel McKeever, Dover, 15.42.300 Hurdles -- Mara Cain, Meadowbrook, 45.47; Kayla Caldwell, Indian Valley, 46.6; Darien Singleton, Meadowbrook, 47.12.100 meters -- Kayla Caldwell, Indian Valley, 12.4; Alexis Campbell, St. Clairsville, 12.64; Olivia Lent, Philo, 12.81.200 meters -- Jasmine Troyer, West Holmes, 26.08; Kayla Caldwell, Indian Valley, 26.6; Ashley Gordon, St. Clairsville, 26.95.400 meters -- Olivia Lent, Philo, 59.26; Alexis Campbell, St. Clairsville, 59.50; Ashley Gordon, St. Clairsville, 59.89.800 meters -- Aubriann Roush, Claymont, 2:22.4; Ella Keffer, Dover, 2:23.78; Taryn Deetz, Indian Valley, 2:23.0.1600 meters -- Kelly Perzanowski, St. Clairsville, 5:11.0; Aubriann Roush, Claymont, 5:28.4; Bri Stevens, River View, 5:42.0.3200 meters -- Kelly Perzanowski, St. Clairsville, 11:25; Aubriann Roush, Claymont, 12:31.5; Kaci Jago, Morgan, 12:44.1.4x100 relay -- Indian Valley, 50.4; St. Clairsville, 51.9; Cambridge, 52.62.4x200 relay -- St. Clairsville, 1:46.5; Meadowbrook, 1:46.6; Dover, 1:47.54.4x400 relay -- Dover, 4:08.62; St. Clairsville, 4:10.0; Claymont, 4:17.6.4x800 relay -- St. Clairsville, 10:04.0; Dover, 10:04.61; Claymont, 10:29.3.Co-Athletes of the Year -- Katie Davis, Cambridge; Kayla Caldwell, Indian Valley.Coach of the Year -- Diane Bell, Indian Valley.