Cy Young Race results announcedA 4-mile and 2-mile run were feature events at the Cy Young Festival in Newcomerstown.In the 4-mile race, Frank Fry won the men's race with a time of 22:53. Steve Neading was second in 23:30 and Andrew Eick was third at 24:30. Courtney Oliver was the top female finisher in 29:26 while Jessica McCoun was second in 32:25 and Amy Brandon finished third in 33:18.In the 2-mile race, Brandon Cope won the male division in a time of 13:04. Michael Amore was second (13:12). In the women's race, Kendra King was first in 15:26 while Anna Havranek took second in 15:33.For the kid's 1-mile run, Hunter Garretson was the top boy in 8:45 while Ashley Dickey was the top girl in 10:49.Following were the leaders in each race:4-MILE RUNMale26-35: Warren Schilling, 30:54; Kevin Miller, 35:57; Aaron Fridenmaker, 57:53.36-45: Dan Gordon, 28:14; Dave Osso, 31:08.46-55: Mike Gintz, 28:44; Terry Westbrook, 29:36; Matt Ritzert, 30:31.56-65: Howard Wise, 34:05.Female13-under: Ashley Isaac, 51:30; Katheryn Fridenmaker, 57:53.19-25: Jeannine Watson, 48:03.26-35: Tara Belt, 39:11; Jennifer Isaac, 51:30.36-45: Betty Howard, 41:05.46-55: Terry Miller, 35:10; Kathy O'Donnell, 37:00; Rose Gintz, 38:28.2-MILE RUNMale13-under: Joshua Green, 14:47; Tommy Havranek, 15:26; Nathan Marinucci, 15:31.14-18: Jacob Everhart, 14:06; Ethan Everhart, 14:26; Nathan Marinucci, 15:31.19-25: Steve Krocker, 15:51; Tim Hunt, 20:31.36-45: Scott Long, 16:39; Jim Dickey, 18:24.46-55: Don Tupper, 13:26; Doug Krocker, 18:20; John Dickey, 18:55.66-over: Bill Campbell, 18:06; Jerry Beaber, 27:10.Female13-under: Klarissa Hatfield, 16:49; Alina Lauber, 16:53; Sarah Thursby, 18:30.14-18: Destinee Marts, 15:50; Lexi Long, 16:38; Amanda Perkins, 16:46.26-35: Dana Freeman, 19:15; Kimberly Brugger, 21:22; Marie Olmos, 26:40.36-45: Deanne Rausch, 20:16; Jill Donohoe, 23:01.46-55: Deb Perkins, 20:19; Barbara Bond, 20:49; Elizabeth Lauber, 21:00.