Cy Young Lanes has City Tournaments

The Newcomerstown Cy Young Lanes had its City Tournaments over the last several weeks. Results are as follows:

The Lafferty Chipping team (Shawn Lafferty, Josh Lafferty, Chip Lafferty, Bud Lafferty and Richie Hothem) claimed the men's team title with 3,122.

Bud Lafferty and Chris Bryant took the doubles title with 1,337. The singles championship was won with a 702 by Ed Berkshire, who also claimed the all-event actual title with 2,095. Lloyd Erlenbach won the all-events handicap with 2,003.

Triplett Roofing won the women's team title with 2,981. That group included Judy West, Sandy Robinson, Lisa Davis, Cindy Bricker and Cheryl Barthalow.

Sharon Shaw and Kristy Landis won the doubles title with 1,283. Barb Watson finished as the single's winner with 636.

Landis also won the all-events actual title with 1,768 while Shirley Kirk and Ember Bryant each came through with 1,802 to finish as co-winners of the all-events handicap.

Gina Montgomery had the women's high series, scoring 713 with a 280-240-193. Landis was second at 653.