SUGARCREEK -- The Inter-Valley Conference spring all-star teams were announced at the annual IVC spring sports banquet.

In the top awards, Ridgewood swept track honors as Brad Olinger earned top athlete for boy's track while Courtney Babcock did the same for the girl's team. Olinger was also selected as a scholarship winner.

Player of the year honors went to Strasburg's Carly Clark in softball and Central Catholic's Sam Fondriest in baseball. For Clark, it was her fourth time to receive the award.

First team honors for Newcomerstown went to Cameron Wolf (baseball), Andrea McWhorter and Krystin Raach (softball), and in track - Lexy Long (200), and Kayla Hinds (discus). For the Generals, it was Drew Markley (baseball), Haley Kolmerten and Laura Dotson (softball), and in track - Lorren Foster (100), Courtney Babcock (girl's 800), Taylor Davis (400), Olinger (boy's 800), Colt Landis (400), and Austin Bates (300 hurdles).

The first team relays for track are listed below.

Top coaching awards went to Ridgewood's Josh Lahmers (boy' track) and Chris Cabot (girl's track), and Central Catholic's Jeff Fondriest (baseball) and Greg Puntenney (softball).

The All-IVC spring teams are:


First Team -- Cameron Wolf, Newcomerstown; Drew Markley, Ridgewood; Sam Fondriest, Matt Litty, Jimmy Fickes, Tommy Sampsel, Tuscarawas Central Catholic; Luke Burch, Hayden Mobley, Danny Beachy, Hiland; Spencer Festi, Brandon Mullet, Hunter Conkle, Garaway; Travis Noble, Sandy Valley; Sean Kettering, Malvern.

Second Team -- Doug Dorsey, Newcomerstown; Trent Lingo, Ridgewood; Brandon Sweet, Max Tolloti, Central Catholic; Brad Schlabach, Hiland; Greg Moomaw, Garaway; Brandon Betz, Sandy Valley; Adam Wackerly, Julian Guiao, Malvern; Ryan Froman, Strasburg;.

Honorable Mention -- Eric Martin, Newcomerstown; Kyle Bradford, Ridgewood; Tab Yosick, Conotton Valley; Duane Troyer, Garaway; Johnny Raber, Hiland; Tyler Crawford, Malvern; Cody Welker, Sandy Valley; Joe Battista, Strasburg; Tyler Sunderlin, Central Catholic.


First Team -- Andrea McWhorter, Krystin Raach, Newcomerstown; Haley Kolmerten, Laura Dotson, Ridgewood; Carly Clark, Kasey Gerber, Erin Metzger, Strasburg; Hannah Vinci, Sarah Vinci, Tuscarawas Central Catholic; Danielle Grooms, Carli Nicholson, Sandy Valley; Jessa Ott, Garaway; Christina Mayle, Malvern; Katelyn Hershberger, Hiland.

Second Team -- Danielle Cugliari, Sami Beamer, Tuscarawas Central Catholic; Alyse Bowling, Sandy Valley; Anya Misko, Garaway; Taylor Zeiger, Malvern; Latricia Yoder, Becca Jones, Hiland; Sarah Amistadi, Nicki Cregan, Strasburg.

Honorable Mention -- Allie Hinton, Newcomerstown; Kim Michael, Ridgewood; Ashleigh O'Donnell, Conotton Valley; Taylor Schaar, Garaway; Karen Yoder, Hiland; Kristin Murray, Malvern; Megan Hunter, Sandy Valley; Melissa Sibley, Strasburg; Anne Dreher, Tuscarawas Central Catholic.


First Team -- 3200 relay: Central Catholic (Lauren Cameron, Samantha Gatelaro, Becky Russell, Lesley Teater); 110 hurdles: Alena Hayden, Strasburg; 100: Lorren Foster, Ridgewood; 800 relay: Ridgewood (Haley Wiggins, Kelsey Hayes, Savannah Warne, Taylor Davis); 1600: Lesley Teater, Central Catholic; 400 relay: Sandy Valley (Julia Cain, Briana Schubert, Brittany Tozzi, Olivia Green); 400: Taylor Davis, Ridgewood; 300 hurdles: Brittany Tozzi, Sandy Valley; 800: Courtney Babcock, Ridgewood; 200: Lexy Long, Newcomerstown; 3200: Connie Collins, Sandy Valley; 1600 relay: Ridgewood (Courtney Babcock, Savannah Warne, Maddy Jones, Taylor Davis); Discus: Kayla Hinds, Newcomerstown; Long jump: Dolly Rinehart, Malvern; Shot: Molly Gerber, Garaway; Pole vault: Julia Cain, Sandy Valley.


First Team -- 3200 relay: Ridgewood (Luke Feldner, Jarod Conrad, Ryan Cunningham, Brad Olinger); 110 hurdles: Austin Bates, Ridgewood; 100: John Frazier, Sandy Valley; 800 relay: Ridgewood (Nate Anderson, James Wiggins, Colt Landis, Jake Conrad); 1600: Brad Olinger, Ridgewood; 400 relay: Ridgewood (Austin Bates, James Wiggins, Colt Landis, Jake Conrad); 400: Colt Landis, Ridgewood; 300 hurdles: Austin Bates, Ridgewood; 800: Brad Olinger, Ridgewood; 200: John Frazier, Sandy Valley; 3200: Logan Kettlewell, Garaway; 1600 relay: Ridgewood (Nate Anderson, Richard Hawthorne, Austin Bates, Colt Landis); Discus: Grant Engstrom, Garaway; High jump: Garth Lahna, Ridgewood; Long jump: Cory Offenberger, Sandy Valley; Shot: Chase Richards, Malvern; Pole vault: Cory Sickafoose, Sandy Valley.