The following are the results from the 2011 Cy Young Days Festival Hit-A-Thon:


T-Ball -- First, Amiyeh Barthalow; second, Madison Hallmark; and third, Madison Wilkin.

Coach Pitch -- First, Maddie Fish; second, Arianna Stull; and third, Alexis Quillen.

10 and Under -- First, Sarah Watson; second, Kayla Gibson; and third place, Jade Johnson.

12 and Under -- First, Caitlin Durr; second, Rachel Hinton; and third, Brittney Roth.


T-Ball -- First, Austin Steele; second, Logan Weaver; and third, Nash Bricker.

7-8 -- First, Lucas Lindsey; second, Ryan Miller; and third, Jarret Durr.

9-10 -- First, Adam Lenhoff; second, Ryan Popadak; and third, Gavin Little.

11-12 -- First, Braden Smith; second, Braden Russell; and third, Walker McMullen.