Ridgewood's Kayla Tedrick was honored as Player of the Year in girl's basketball for the Inter-Valley Conference as league officials announced the Winter Sports All-Stars.

Tedrick, a 5-6 senior, averaged 17.9 points, 6.0 rebounds, 3.4 assists and 3.0 steals for the Lady Generals, shooting 53 percent from the field and 71 percent from the foul line. She has over 1,100 career points.

Also named to the first team along with Tedrick were Newcomerstown's Allie Hinton and Kori Connor. Hinton, a junior, and Connor, a senior, averaged 17.5 and 15.3 points, respectively.

On the second team were Ridgewood's Kelsey Miller (junior) and Laura Frazee (sophomore). Honorable mention went to the Lady Trojan's Taylor Postel and Lady General's Alaynee Wright, both seniors.

Strasburg's Brenton Bonanno was Coach of the Year.

In boy's basketball, Newcomerstown senior Cody Sproat earned second team honors while sophomore Austin King picked up honorable mention.

Ridgewood senior Tanner Stoffer was named to the first team. Teammates C.J. Grove and Zak Keesee, both juniors, were tagged for the second team while senior Chris Saylor was named honorable mention.

Hiland senior Dylan Kaufman was Player of the Year while the Hawk's Mark Schlabach was Coach of the Year.

In wrestling, champions from Newcomerstown included junior Cole McVey (132), senior Trae Garlando (170), and sophomore Mitchell Meeks (195) while sophomore Zack McKibben (113) was runner-up.

For Ridgewood, sophomore Cole Zeigler (120), freshman Phillip Shannon (138), senior Jake Zeigler (160), and senior Joe Holmes (heavyweight) were champions.


Final standings: 1. Hiland 13-0; 2. Malvern 12-2; 3. Ridgewood 10-4; 4. Garaway 8-6; 5. Central Catholic 5-9; 6. Sandy Valley 4-10; 7. Strasburg 2-11; 8. Newcomerstown 1-13.

First team: Dylan Kaufman, Seger Bonifant, Hiland; Travis Tucci, Max Kapron, Malvern; Tanner Stoffer, Ridgewood; Ryan Troyer, Duane Troyer, Garaway; Jimmy Tolloti, Central Catholic. Player of the Year: Kaufman

Second team: Neil Gingerich, Hiland; Shawn Ball, Malvern; Christian Grove, Zak Keesee, Ridgewood; Michael Teater, Tyler Walter, Garaway; Central Catholic; Andrew Milhoan, Sandy Valley; Cody Sproat, Newcomerstown

Honorable Mention: Jason Miller, Hiland; Clay Davis, Malvern; Chris Saylor, Ridgewood; Seth Miller, Garaway; Adam Feicht, Sandy Valley; Hunter Schneiter, Strasburg; Austin King, Newcomerstown; Erich Keitz, Central Catholic.


Final standings: 1 (tie). Hiland, Strasburg 12-2; 3. Garaway 11-3; 4. Ridgewood 9-5; 5. Newcomerstown 6-8; 6. Malvern 4-10; 7. Central Catholic 2-12; 8. Sandy Valley 0-14.

First team: Anya Misko, Courtney Putt, Garaway; Kayla Tedrick, Ridgewood; McKenzie Miller, Hiland; Allie Hinton, Kori Conner, Newcomerstown; Nicki Cregan, Mackenzie Colombo, Strasburg; Logan Smalley, Malvern. Player of the Year: Tedrick

Second Team: Karissa Swihart, Garaway; Kelsey Miller, Laura Frazee, Ridgewood; Emily Yoder, Meagan Hall, Hiland; Stephanie Schuster, Strasburg; Courtney Standiford, Briana Neidig, Central Catholic

Honorable Mention: Rachelle Putt, Garaway; Taylor Postel, Newcomerstown; Alaynee Wright, Ridgewood; Cortney Fondriest, Strasburg; Kendra Schlabach, Hiland; Tori McKinney, Malvern; Kennedy Bowling, Sandy Valley; Coral Contini, Central Catholic|


IVC tournament final standings: 1. Garaway 397; 2. Sandy Valley 344; 3. Newcomerstown 269; 4. Ridgewood 236; 5. Malvern 206; 6. Central Catholic 108.

108: 1. Evan Offenberger (SV); 2. Phillip Christer (M); 113: 1. Brandon Carbenia (SV); 2. Zack McKibben (N); 120: 1. Cole Zeigler (R); 2. Joe Newman (SV); 126: 1. Jesse Blake (G); 2. Eric Cassidy (SV); 132: 1. Cole McVay (N); 2. Ethan Slentz (G); 138: 1. Phillip Shannon (R); 2. Cody Schabach (G); 145: 1. Jordan Blake (G); 2. Hudson Cole (SV); 152: 1. A.J. Frey (G); 2. Ben Burnham (CC); 160: 1. Jake Zeigler (R); 2. Marcus Burgess (M); 170: 1. Trae Garlando (N); 2. Tim Robie (CC); 182: 1. Steven Farrow (G); 2. Sam Groff (SV); 195: 1. Mitchell Meeks (N); 2. Jordan Kirkman (SV); 220: 1. Brady Gump (G); 2. Jake Geiger (SV); 285: 1. Joe Holmes (R); 2. Ben Sexton (G). Wrestler of the Year: Farrow